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Homeland Insecurity?

Those of us who knew better were rightfully outraged when "Slick Willie" Clinton committed American troops to Kosovo, Bosnia, Somalia, and other places most of us never even heard of. Now we have a new administration and, what do you know, "King George" Bush did the very same thing with respect to Iraq!

Tell me, has overthrowing Saddam gotten us any closer to finding Osama bin Laden and those who perpetrated the World Trade Center massacre? Weren't the majority of the 911 terrorists Saudi nationals? Why is Bush still cozying up to Saudi Arabia? Does it have anything to with OIL?

Instead of sending American troops halfway across the world, wouldn't American interests be better served by placing these same troops along the Mexican border to keep illegal aliens and potential terrorists from entering our country? We are now told to arrive at an airport from two to three hours before a flight to allow for airport security screening. But how long does it take an illegal to cross our borders with impunity? Two to three minutes?

Who was responsible for 911? First and foremost of course, it's the Islamist lunatics who committed the horrific acts. Then, it's those who aided and abetted them, both financially and otherwise, knowingly or unwittingly. This includes OUR OWN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for refusing to enforce existing immigration laws or require criminal background checks prior to issuing visas to foreign nationals. This includes GREEDY AMERICAN CORPORATIONS who encourage illegal immigration in order to obtain cheap labor and increase their profits. And this includes UNSCRUPULOUS ELECTED OFFICIALS who promote illegal immigration in exchange for votes.

Lest we forget, of the 19 hijackers on 911, three had illegally overstayed their visas. (A good question is how did they get visas in the first place?) Seven of the hijackers obtained fraudulent ID cards with the help of illegal alien day laborers in Virginia. And sixteen of the hijackers had drivers licenses or state non-drivers identification cards!

Now, a bill (SB60, by Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles) passed by the California state legislature in 2003 and signed by former Governor Gray Davis, that would have allowed ILLEGAL immigrants to get drivers licenses in California, has been repealed by the very same state legislature that originally passed it!. (Apparently they got the message!) That's the GOOD news. The BAD news is there is reason to believe that the state legislature and the new Governor may be cooking up a deal to revive this bill, under the pretext of including certain "safeguards". Get real! These people are here ILLEGALLY but it's going to be LEGAL for them to drive on our streets and highways? Have our elected officials gone mad? Or are we just plain stupid for electing them in the first place?

Eddie Rose
Former Laguna Niguel City Councilman
Candidate for Orange County Board of Supervisors (5th District)
"A Voice --- Not an Echo"